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What Are Pre IPO Offerings?

What Are The Benefits of Pre-IPO Investing?


An Opportunity to Build Legacy Wealth

Investing early can generate larger returns. Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon all have market capitalizations north of a trillion dollars. Returns from an initial public offering can often be significant, tempting investors to sell their entire positions or also known as “flipping” and never realize any real wealth. Investors that have pre-IPO access are more likely to take both short-term profits from an IPO and keep a portion on the table, commonly referred to as “playing with house money”. Investing in privately held companies before they go public can earn investors high short-term profits and yield a lifetime of returns.


An Opportunity to Hedge Risk

Traditionally, investors have relied on best pricing, timing and allocation by when an IPO is priced; hoping to unlock the value of tomorrow’s publicly traded company today. Pre-IPO investors can access lower valuations and better pricing.

Our Philosophy On Pre IPO Investing

Our philosophy is this; if you are buying an IPO you already missed the train. We don’t throw darts at a board or invest in the idea of the day. We focus on one offering at a time: spending months identifying, vetting, negotiating and curating opportunities for our clients. Our strategy focuses on late-stage companies with a clear path to liquidity; investing in companies that are already household names before they go public and companies backed by the most experienced institutional and venture capital investors on the street.


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Dave and Tom, the founders of Waymark Capital.

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